Gregorian Chant Group

The St. Francis schola is open to everyone who is interested! We'll learn traditional liturgical music and techniques for performance, with the goal of providing the music for a service this semester at St. Francis.

We rehearse Tuesdays at 7-8 pm in the 7th and 8th grade Classroom (in the Sunday School building).

Please contact me for more information or to join!
Come learn to sing the traditional music of the church, and experience the liturgy in a new and meaningful way.


Here are helpful resources for learning to perform Gregorian Chant.

Cunctipotens Genitor Deus Kyrie

Credo III

Current Handouts

Mass and guidelines.pdf Mass and guidelines.pdf
Size : 147.81 Kb
Type : pdf
Credo III.pdf Credo III.pdf
Size : 90.687 Kb
Type : pdf
Laetare Introit and Graduale.pdf Laetare Introit and Graduale.pdf
Size : 253.047 Kb
Type : pdf
Chant Clefs.pdf Chant Clefs.pdf
Size : 235.768 Kb
Type : pdf

Other Resources

Order of Mass.pdf Order of Mass.pdf
Size : 41.181 Kb
Type : pdf

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