Welcome Musicians!

This site is a free resource for members of the music ministry at St. Francis of Assisi University Parish in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It has a calendar with upcoming events and holy days, the music numbers for the upcoming weeks, and other resources for choir members and other musicians involved with St. Francis.


Weekly Choir Rehearsals
Weekly rehearsals are held in the choir room Thursday evenings at 6:15.
We'll go over music for Sunday as well as choral anthems.

We begin warming up 30 minutes before Mass on Sunday mornings.
8:45 AM Mass begins rehearsing at 8:15.
11 AM Mass begins rehearsing at 10:30.
Rehearsals will take place in the Choir Room unless otherwise indicated.

We are currently using the Glendalough Mass, on pages 260-269 in the Gather 3 Hymnals,
the Mass of Christ the Savior, in the choir booklets,
and the Latin Mass setting on pages 22-28, 38-39 in the Pew Missals.

Hymn numbers through March 6 can be found on the Choir Calendar.

We now have a Chant Group on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm.